Membrane-free sensors for rapid response times in monitoring disinfection processes

High process safety when handling disinfectants


In disinfection processes, e.g. in potable water supply or evaporation cooling systems, reliability and response time of measurement are a matter of process safety. This is particularly true for emergency disinfections where free chlorine or chlorine dioxide is swiftly added and needs accurate monitoring instantly.


Measuring point safety is significantly increased with the fully assembled OPTISYS CL 1100 disinfectant measuring system. Due to the membrane-free design of its sensor for either free chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone, it has a very short response time. It also comes with an automatic cleaning feature that reduces manual intervention in the process to a minimum.

Safety benefits

  • Increased plant safety: 

    • Very short response times due to membrane-free sensor design

    • Ideally suited to maintaining high safety standards in the event of emergency chlorination

    • Integrated pH and temperature measurement enable long-term stable readings  

  • Higher plant availability due to automatic cleaning feature: Reduction of time-consuming regular maintenance and manual intervention in the process 

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Disinfectant measuring system

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